For the second year we have been hired to edit ‘The MSI Big Mountain Series’ which features The North Face Masters, Freeskiing World Tour, and The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series. The overall series is produced by MSI and is aired on the Comcast Network, Ski Channel, and other stations as well. Currently we are finishing up the second TV show of a total of nine. Korey is also a field producer for these events so he is on the road until April.


Welikesmall wanted to tell a story of the new 725 Citori gun on Brownings website through video. As the gun is being shown used, different click-able features are displayed on-screen. This a great example of how powerful video imagery can make a strong impact on a viewer. We got to shoot the Photron super slow-mo camera for this shoot, which was a lot of fun. The pressure was on since we only had a half a day to shoot everything, no matter the weather and if the birds cooperated with us. But, everything looks good in slow-motion, so I think it was a success! Warning: the gun is shown killing a bird in slow motion. (All birds were eaten that night though and didn’t go to waste.)


After months of work, our documentary on wingsuit BASE jumpers is complete. It is called “Birdmen: The Original Dream Of Flight’. We believe it’s the first of it’s kind as it tells the story of where the sport came from, what it takes to participate in, and the mentality needed to stay alive. Next up is creating a movie trailer for it and a re-edit for film festivals that will be about 44 minutes long.


Rentler is a new start-up company who desired to add a human element to their very clean and modern website. They believed videos of their customers on their home page would be the best way to achieve this. We found Jared Allen, an artist and business man, as a perfect subject matter for our first video for them. We are currently in pre-production for a second video for Rentler.


For the past few months we have been mainly working on five short documentaries for Specialized Bikes. It has been a big project and it’s finally done! Problem is, the videos won’t be online until Specialized finishes their new site in April. Much thanks to Goodby and welikesmall for hiring us. More info to come on the whole process in April.


It’s been awhile between posts, but we have been busy creating a bunch of work for a variety of clients. 10 web videos and one full-length documentary will be released in the next couple months by us. First off, is our new video for Big Cartel. Thanks to Susan and to Big Cartel for letting us produce these cool videos for them!


The microsite that welikesmall created and hired us to shoot footage for was Communication Arts Web Pick of the Week and also FWA Site Of The Day. Congrats to Mike and the whole crew at welikesmall. I edited some footage together that wasn’t used on the microsite, check it out here. It’s not for everyone, but poetry fans should love it. It was fun to make and a good chance to experiment with some faux black and white footage.