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We are back from two weeks in Alps shooting a documentary on wingsuit B.A.S.E. jumping. We visited some stunning locations in Italy, France, and Switzerland with a crew of five cameraman and three jumpers. Couldn’t have asked for better weather especially considering the time of year. Next is a quick shoot in Michigan to shoot one of the first wingsuits ever, owned by Clem Sohn in 1937. After that trip, I’ll be editing the movie trailer. It’ll have some of the best wingsuit footage I’ve ever seen.


We’ve been too busy for regular blog posts, but now we are back at it! Right now Korey is helping out with live helmetcam setups for three Red Bull Flutag stops this summer. After working with live analogue camera web-feeds for the Freesking World Tour and The North Face Masters for two seasons, he is now working with intricate live digital feeds from helmetcams of base jumpers and other athletes. Pretty complicated stuff when the live feed needs to be synced from a moving object falling out of a helicopter, and the helicopter is one of the many sources of transmission interference in the area.


Now their site is live, we can reveal who the camera-array shoots were for and also show the final product. It was for the government and their 2010 US Census website. It has been short-listed for the FWA site of the day, so check it out there, watch the case study video, and vote for it. “Main Street’ was shot in Boise, ‘Broadway’ was shot in Chicago and ‘Pine Road’ was shot outside Austin. Welikesmall worked with DraftFCB New York to design and produce the site and Welikesmall hired us to help out with the camera array.


stamp-zuriick We are producing another mini-doc for Big Cartel after the success of the first one. The company featured this time is Zuriick shoes, who creates low-key shoes without any branding. We shot at their headquarters here in Salt Lake yesterday, and tomorrow we will shoot some b-roll of their main designer, Mike, working on his motorcycle. Mike is also going to provide some music from his band for the soundtrack.


2010 marks the 13th year Team Thirteen has been in business. Hot damn. We wish everyone well for this coming year…


It’s kind of unexplainable, but our old, neglected You Tube channel has surpassed 1 Million views. We don’t spend anytime uploading new stuff to it and some the videos on there aren’t really that great. In fact, it’s not even linked from this site because it doesn’t represent our company fully. But now we are inspired by the views and are going to link it and start uploading some better videos…..soon. Weird thing is, our most popular video wasn’t even uploaded by us (it was uploaded by some guy called hairyblue) and it’s a rough cut! Oh well, we’re happy, even though we can only link to it through our ‘favorites’ since we didn’t upload it.


Our first shoot with our new Canon Mark 5D is now online. We went to Seraph Headquarters here in SLC and did a mini-doc about their company for Big Cartel. The video is hosted by Big Cartel right here on their ‘Buzz’ page. It was really easy to get usable shots of their 100 year old letterpress machines because the movements of the old machines are mesmerizing. Looks like there will be another video on a different Big Cartel client in the near future, as the response to this video has been very positive.