Welikesmall hired me to shoot video for their microsite on the Civil War for Ancestry.com, which is now online. They wanted to give the viewer the sensation of standing and walking around the National Military graveyards before searching online to see if their ancestors were buried there. So they asked for some handheld, gritty in-the-moment shots from me. No polished pretty shots were needed; just raw moody clips with a bit of shake to them and some simple slow movement. They also used a huge amount of crisp historical photos which are awesome to check out. As for my shots, I knew they were going to have text over the video, so I framed some shots with objects in the far-right or left side of the screen with this in mind. I was pleased to see that welikesmall used about double the amount of shots in the microsite than they originally planned. It was an awesome road trip and a great project to work on, thanks guys! There were plenty great shots they never used (always a bummer but always a reason for it) so I plan on editing something together with these shots in the future.