It’s been awhile since we worked on this, but we never blogged about it, so here’s the belated scoop. Super Top Secret came up with a funny concept for a banner ad for Mini that was too racy for the U.S. but of course completely acceptable for European viewers. The SLC Egoist explains it as, “feature(ing) a shaking female derriere. Viewers of the banner can customize the ‘bah dunk’ of the caboose which eventually morphs into a new Mini Cooper with a larger trunk.” Our job was to shoot the derriere, erase the arm tattoos of the model, and change the stitching of the jeans to a Mini logo as it swayed back-and-forth. It was  a lot of ass-time in After Effects to make it work but, well, we didn’t mind. Thanks again to Ryan and the crew at STS. Check the banner out here.